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Without You I Was Broken

But I'd Rather Be Broke Down With You By My Side.

How Uniform Your Beautiful Is.
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My family.

I'm a new mother of a wonderful baby girl. Born three weeks early at 8 lbs, 7onz on December 19th/2006.
I've been entirely consumed by my daughter, Abigail.

I'm an alternative person. I am a little pierced, a little tattooed. I travel a little bit off the beaten path, and I like it that way.
I love Livejournal, and I do my best to be here when I can. The dynamic has changed a bit over the past four years, as you can see if yu take a short trip to my earlier days.
All I ask is that reading my journal be treated as a priveledge and not a right. I will state opinions. I will go on rants.
I do tolerate heated debate with something productive to discuss. I do not tolerate blatent flaming.

So feel free to add me if you so choose to.
I'm one crazy mama!