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Without You I Was Broken [entries|friends|calendar]
How Uniform Your Beautiful Is.

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[14 Jun 2011|01:37pm]
Because No one on LJ has seen what we look like for a long time unless they're also on my facebook or a follower of The Urban Momtographer.
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Blast From The Past [02 Jun 2011|09:06pm]
How on Earth do I let things slip away so easily? Found another way to waste away my days.
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why [06 Jan 2009|12:25pm]
why are people so stupid and childish?
I thought by the time I hit my mid twenties it would die out.
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photos [24 Dec 2008|08:22pm]
For the boredCollapse )
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Holy Jeebus [24 Dec 2008|03:15pm]
The snow is knee deep. Actually, the snow was knee deep before lunch. Now it's probably a lot deeper.
We've canceled almost all of our Christmas plans because no one can get around. We were supposed to go to a service this afternoon.... Nixed that... Then we're supposed to go to a family dinner (Nathan's dad's side) which is ginormous tomorrow, but I'm pretty happy that we won't have to do that. Might actually end up spending a Christmas alone as a family for the first time.
I do not, however, have a turkey.

Quick catch up on the happenings in my life-
My mom moved to Alberta. At the end of august.
I reconnected with Jade's parents on the island, and therefore also in turn reconnected with my old friend Sarah who is amazing and has three amazing kids, two of whom I hadn't met until recently.
My child turned two years old on Friday.
I turn twenty five tomorrow.
I haven't worked, nor had my hand figured out since April. It's still kills me to turn a key, wipe my bum, or hold a pencil.
I have an amazing camera and a photography business.
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Picture Post three [13 Jul 2008|11:05pm]
On to more photographs and memoriesCollapse )
you're only half way through June.
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Second picture post [13 Jul 2008|08:57pm]
The rest of the Seattle trip...Collapse )
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[24 Oct 2007|10:21pm]
AutumnCollapse )
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[14 Sep 2007|06:22pm]
I have a new job. I start in one week..... At White Spot.... Dayshifts, five days a week. Eleven dollars an hour, plus tips.
I'm kind of stoked. Even though it's not what I really wanted to do, it should be good.
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[08 Sep 2007|11:13pm]
So, for those of you waiting for the update...
I got what I wanted. Not once, but twice.
Huuuurrrrrah! I needed it. I'm pretty sure that I'm obsessed.

Also- Got through over 250 pages of my new book. I do that, devour books. I just have trouble putting a book down once I start it. Even boks that I'm not really fond of, but this one I am incredibly fond of. Loving it.
It's called The Other Side Of the Story by Marian Keyes.

I tried to stay away from him. Goodness knows I tried. But meeting him had shifted my centre of gravity and any element of choice had been removed. Until then life had felt as if I'd been idling. Suddenly it had picked up speed, as if it was swooping down into a tunnel and I was doing my best to hang on.
We endured almost six weeks. Forty angushed days, saying goodbye to each other, opting for lonliness and honour instead of the guilt of togetherness. Sincerely I meant every farewell but sooner or later the constant craving caused me to pick up the phone and whisper to him to come over.
It seemed like I never slept during that dreadful time. We talked into many days and nights, battling the pros and cons back and forth. Anton was much more pragmatic than I was. "I don't love Gemma."
"But I do."
The first time I slept with him it was almost beyond description. I could feel the emotion flooding from me to him and from him to me, slowing my breathing down, like we were underwater, becoming part of each other. It felt like a lot more than sex, it was almost a mystic experience.
On three occasions we decided to brazen it out and go to Dublin to tell Gemma, and twice I chickened out.
It was impossible. I was prepared to live without Anton rather than destroy Gemma.
"It doesn't matter what you do," Anton said sadly, "I'll still never love Gemma."
"I don't care. Go away."
But after a few hours of Anton's absence my resolve fell apart and the day eventually came when we got on the plane.
I cannot think about what followed. Not even now. But I will never forget the last thing Gemma said to me. "What goes around comes around. And remember how you met him because that's how you'll lose him."
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[08 Sep 2007|09:07am]
Nathan got home last night and said, "I think I'll take that job if I get it. I wouldn't do it if it was just me... But it's not just me."
I smiled at him and said, "That's kind of what I was thinking...."

It was nice. And I'm glad that it ended up going so smoothly. Now if all of you could just cross your fingers for me I'd be very much obliged.

Chinese food for breakfast.

My mom said that she's going to try and take Abby out for a bit today to give us some time, so I hope that happens. It would be nice. It's the only time we get to have truly fantastic sex. It's that wonderful NO KID IN THE HOUSE sex.
She's chasing Luna around.
She's getting pretty damned close to waling. Oh boy.. then the fun will start.

Hope everyone has a groovy saturday.
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[07 Sep 2007|05:01pm]

TiggerCollapse )
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stoled from eric [06 Sep 2007|11:56am]
None: You could easily get away with murder. You have the cold and calculating logic of a sociopath. For all our sakes, go hug someone.
from QuizGalaxy.com
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[03 Sep 2007|08:17pm]
So it's pissing down rain. It's Semptember. I'm listening to Dave Matthews and the pitter patter of the rain. Okay, It's a bit more than pitter patter.
Nathan fell asleep an hour ago at 7:30 like a supercool guy. Abby is chilling in the livingroom beating a ball against our entertainment unit.
Pretty boring night....
You know how it is.
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We feel photogenic today. [22 Aug 2007|12:27pm]
And so...Collapse )
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[22 Aug 2007|10:13am]

Some picturesCollapse )
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[20 Aug 2007|09:40am]
So, Abby learned to clap yesterday. That's pretty darn cute. I will try and get a video of it at some point.
She can also high five.
Happy 8 months to Abby. :D
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[19 Aug 2007|09:24am]
I made myself some Flight of the Conchords icons. I'm so happy.
I've kind of been going icon crazy for two days, changing most of them from my old ones. I felt I needed a change.
It is nice to have 113 slots, though.
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[18 Aug 2007|10:18pm]
SkatersCollapse )
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[18 Aug 2007|09:19pm]
People are fucking hilarious.
I guess I could go on some sort of rasnt here, but why bother?
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